Mrs. Paquette - Algebra I and Pre-Algebra 8


Throughout the school year, you will be able access homework assignments, important notices, and notes for Algebra I and Pre-Algebra 8 using this website.  


Algebra I will be taught as a "flipped" classroom.  Students will be responsible for copying the initial notes from this website (Algebra Handouts) prior to the teaching of the lesson.  Some notes are in the form of PowerPoints others will be PDFs.   Numbered examples in the notes will be demonstrated in class, however, students are encouraged to try them at home - in pencil.  By flipping the class, more time can be spent completing problems together or doing other activities that will enhance the comprehension of the material.  If internet access is a problem, students are asked to see me to make other arrangements.  For example, a jump drive can be used to download the files at school, if access to the internet is a problem.  There will still be the traditional "practice" homework assignments, just not as many problems.


Algebra I uses the Pearson textbook.  This textbook is available on-line at    Each student has a unique account with a user name comprised of the student's first name, last name, and the numbers 09.  Everything is lowercase without any spaces.  The passcode for each account is a123456. The on-line textbook also includes homework tutor videos which can be very helpful when students are absent.    Please be sure to let me know if your pearson account is not working properly.


Pre-Algebra 8 will be "flipped" to a lesser degree.  Some of the notes will be given as homework.  Other times, we will follow a traditional teaching style and the homework will be practice problems.  


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